Avoid These Mistakes

  1. Don’t rush the process. There’s nothing worse than smudging what you THOUGHT was a dry nail… stay calm and be patient. Why not try our Drop & Dry Nail Paint Drops? It’s the perfect product for a mani in a rush. Apply 2-3 drops per nail - watch the magic happen – and within 60 seconds (of staying completely still) your mani will be smooth to the touch and completely smudge-proof.
  1. Cap the edges. When applying Nail Paint and Topcoat, go over the very frontal edge of your nail! This will make your look seamless and last much longer – as nails have a tendency to chip at the front edge first!
  1. Prep your nails properly. We want the strongest foundation possible for long-lasting nails, right? Using a nail file, shape and buff your nails to perfection. And let’s not forget cuticle care… aesthetically pleasing nails are the goal and trimming your cuticles is essential. Both prep and complete your nails with our All In One Nail Paint: Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener.
  1. Think about layers. Your nails will never dry if you’re adding multiple, thick coats of Nail Paint! Work in thin layers, and let each layer dry evenly before moving on. If you’re attempting any form of Nail Art, we would recommend applying your basecoat and Nail Paint colour, and letting them become completely dry to the touch before moving onto the design you desire – be patient! If your base is properly dry before using our Essential Nail Art Tools, it will prevent you from smudging your look if you work too quickly.
  1. Health is wealth. Use our Nail & Cuticle Oil to keep your nails and mani in the best condition possible.
  1. No flooding allowed... We’re joking! If your Nail Paint happens to run into your cuticles during application, don’t worry. Use our Gelly Nail Paint & UV Gel Remover and a thin, angled brush (our Essential Nail Art Tools has everything you need!) to get those cuticles clean in no time.
What do you find the trickiest part about painting your own nails? Let us know… @barrymcosmetics on Instagram x