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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide
    Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Thu, Mar 19, 20

    With Mother’s Day around the corner, its time to treat the special person in your life who has made you, you! Whether that be your nanny, your aunty, your mum or you dad; this Sunday is about giving back to those who raised you. Here at Barry M nothing beats a pamper day (plus breakfast in bed and endless cups of tea!) Mums, it’s time to relax!
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  • International Women's Day: The #BOSSBABES
    International Women's Day: The #BOSSBABES

    Sun, Mar 08, 20

    Here at Barry M HQ we’re all about our #BOSSBABES. From women’s rights to gender equality, we want to celebrate the women around the world who have fought for change and shaped new views to give women the rights they deserve. Although the fight continues in today's society, women’s rights have come a long way! Raise your glasses to all the babes who have channelled their girl power to make a difference!
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  • World Wildlife Day
    World Wildlife Day

    Tue, Mar 03, 20

    Here at Barry M HQ we love our wildlife. Whether its our furry friends curling up on the sofa with us or the animals of the wild, its safe to say we’re WILDLIFE obsessed. To celebrate World Wildlife Day we wanted to share some of the amazing work that our charity partners David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation does to help save our wildlife.
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  • Pancake Day: Vegan Style
    Pancake Day: Vegan Style

    Tue, Feb 25, 20

    Happy Pancake Day babes! We've chosen our fave pancake recipes to sweeten up your shrove Tuesday VEGAN style! Whether its fruity, chocolatey or plain and fluffy; our top recipes are coming your way!
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  • Happy World Pangolin Day
    Happy World Pangolin Day

    Fri, Feb 14, 20

    Here at Barry M, we love our wildlife. Today is World Pangolin Day and we wanted to spread some pangolin love to help raise awareness of these unknown animals. With over one million pangolins believed to have been traded illegally in the last decade; it’s time to help save our wildlife and help these beautiful creatures.
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