BMHQ Netflix Watch List

Staying at home during the lockdown has got a lot of us trying out new hobbies, taking on social media challenges and most of all - watching a whole lot of Netflix! If you're planning your next Netflix binge, then take a look at BMHQ's ultimate watch list for inspiration...

Gossip Girl
You can’t beat a classic. If you’re chick flick obsessed, then this is for you! The endless drama between BFF's and on-off relationships, speculation and scandal make Gossip Girl a must-watch. No matter how many times you've already completed the whole boxset, you’ll be hooked on this 6 season series (yes that’s 121 episodes to keep you entertained!) XOXO Gossip Girl.

Louis Theroux
Documentary obsessed? We've found your watch. Louis Theroux takes a look at some out of the ordinary lifestyles and interesting people you didn’t even know existed. From plastic surgery to broken economies, this guy documents some of the world's most problemed places.

Love Is Blind
Everyone's talking about this Netflix series... it'll have you hooked from episode one. Unlike all the other dating shows, Love is Blind has a gripping twist - it's a reality show experiment set to prove whether it's possible to fall in love without ever seeing eachother. This series takes dating to a new level as couples get down on one knee to someone who they have never even met. Once they’re thrown into the real world, will they say 'I do', or 'I don't'?

The Hustle
When amateur scammer meets professional con artist, the forces come together to get their hands on a billionaire's fortunes - what could possibly go wrong? Give this movie a watch for a feel-good laugh to raise your spirits!

The Crown
Ever been curious about what went on behind the gates at Buckingham Palace? Delve into royal history on a journey through the early life of Queen Elizabeth ll. This amazingly educational series follows the twists and turns of the true story of our Queen's reign so far.

The Good Place
After a light-hearted, easy watch? Then The Good Place is for you.
When Eleanor finds herself in 'The Good Place' (where you go if you’re a good person) she realises she's been totally mistaken for someone else. Will she be able to turn herself into a better person to earn her spot, or will she have to go?
Thriller, romance and murder mystery all rolled into one - what's more could you want? Follow Joe's wicked obesession with love in this twisted (with just the right measure of comedy) series. Series two left us on a cliff hanger and we can't wait for more!