Colour Changing Lip Paints

Is it a gimmick? Does it really work?
Colour-changing products are ALWAYS at the height of speculation in the beauty industry. At the end of the day, who wants to spend a load of money on something to find out it doesn’t even work?! Not us, that’s for sure.
At Barry M we’ve got the perfect solution. An affordable Colour Changing Lip Paint that really does work, and better still, comes in three fabulous shades!
Each mesmerising Lip Paint adapts to the alkaline in your lips, offering a shade that’s completely unique to you! All three shades compliment every skin tone, which was very important to us when creating something that would give a completely custom glow to everyone who used it.
Introducing the magical Colour Changing Lip Paints…
Genie – What appears green turns into an ultra-long-lasting personal shade of Hot Pink.
Unicorn – The yellow colour turns your lips to a personal shade of Light Pink.
Angelic (NEW) – This soft pink colour turns your lips a personal shade of soft, neutral pink.
But how do we use it? Apply directly to the lips and watch as the colour changes. For a plumping illusion, be sure to slightly overline the cupids bow and the centre of your bottom lip! You can also use the Colour Changing Lip Paints as a balmy base before applying other Barry M lip products.
Are you going to try?! Let us know by DM'ing us at @barrymcosmetics on Instagram x