Get Freshers Ready

Freshers Week is a momentous occasion when starting University/College, this is where you’ll make friends forever and get to grips with Uni life for the first time. Whether you’re planning all your outfits in advance or always last minute, we’ve got a few things you’ll need…
  1. Hi Vis Water Activated Colours – An absolute necessity, with all the themed parties you’ll be going to you’re going to need these to paint your face… we love a product that can make you into versatile icon!
  2. Biodegradable Body Glitters – Glitter galore, this one is without a doubt! Every Uni party you’ll go to someone will be covered in glitter, make sure it’s you!
  3. Lip Rehab – Always keep those lips hydrated during this heavy party week.
  4. Fresh Face Setting Sprays – A must. Fancy dress requires serious attention, so don’t let your face slip off halfway through the night!
Make sure to tag us in your Freshers looks this month! Stay safe and enjoy x