HOW TO: Quick Brows

“Brows are so time consuming!” … Not anymore. If you’re someone who dreads doing your brows, then this one’s for you! Just pair our best products (below) and a quick, simple routine, and you’ve got yourself a winner! Perfect brows… coming right up!
1) To prep your brows, or not to prep your brows…
Its important to prep your brows because every good look starts with a great base! Use a small Spoolie brush and comb your brow hairs upwards. Taking the scissors from our Ultimate Lash & Brow Set, trim along any hairs that have gotten too long for your liking. Using the tweezers, pluck any stray hairs away, leaving you with smooth skin around the brows. *Pro Tip* This does NOT need to be done daily, save it for your weekend pamper session when you’ve got time, and don’t rush it!
2) Fill me in…
It’s time to fill those brows in! We’ve got two options for this… for fluffy brows, take our Feather Brow Defining Pen (in whichever shade suits you). The fine and flexible pen-like nib is easy to use and takes no effort at all. Get that ultra-light feel and fuller brow look in no time at all, plus Feather Brow is only £5.99, bargain! For nourished brow hairs and a natural look, take Ultra Brow, our 2-in-1 Defining Browliner & Nourishing Serum. For only £9.99, this long-wearing, smudge-proof formula is packed with strengthening ingredients to nourish your brows and encourage hair growth!
3)Hold Up!
Before you rush out the house, we need to quickly set those brows in place. Take a spoolie and run Hold Up! Brow Gel through your brows thoroughly for the fluffiest brow that will last all day long. The ultra-strong, clear formula holds brow hairs in place for a lifted, sculpted look that won’t go crusty as it dries down.
There you have it! With these simple steps you can achieve brows that will stay in place all day. Quick and perfect brows in under 5 minutes… We said what we said. Dare to time yourself?