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Speedy Nail Paint dries at lightning speed for a perfect mani in seconds. With an innovative new flat brush for an even easier application, a more precise finish can be achieved in just 2 quick coats!


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Nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade from the Illustrated Nail shows us how to complete a quick mani using Barry M's new Speedy Nail Paint.

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Speedy All in One Nail Paint

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  • Does what it says on the tin

    From: Karen Bowles

    Really quick to dry and flat brush made it easy to apply

  • Does exactly what it says

    From: Caroline

    This product is amazing. I've almost got every colour as they are lovely. All you need to apply is 2 coats and each time it's so quick to dry. Perfect!

  • wow

    From: anonymous
    Shade: Pit Stop

    Amazing, the brush makes it so quick and easy to apply and it dries really fast, just make sure you don't put a really thick coat on. The colour payoff for 1 coat is really good too, it isn't as watery as the gelly high shine (which i like). One of my favourite collections. The colour is a perfect light grey and I use it because I want something light for summer but find white too harsh, the perfect light grey! Btw I love all the names of this collection!!!

  • Gorgeous colour

    From: Emily
    Shade: Supersonic

    Supersonic is a beautiful blue-y purple metallic colour. Dries quickly, I use three to four coats for my wanted shade. My new favourite! More metallic-y colours like this please!

  • My 'go-to' nail polish.

    From: Lauren
    Shade: Lap of Honour

    I absolutely love my Speedy Quick Dry nail paint - it's so pigmented, and literally dries within a few minutes; which is great for me because I am so impatient & never want to wait, so I will smudge my nail polish so easily! But this nail polish is just PERFECT! The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars, was because it sometimes dries so fast, that I can't get a full even coverage before it starts to clump a little, but honestly that doesn't affect the look of the nail polish at all. I keep meaning to get more of these nail polishes and will do so soon! I hope they do white? So, yes. Definitely recommend!

  • great!

    From: Amy
    Shade: Supersonic

    Such a great colour and changes from purple to blue in different lights. Be warned it looks very blue on this picture but i would say it's definitely predominantly purple.

  • Brilliant Quick Drying

    From: Leliah Evans
    Shade: Lap of Honour

    The Speedy Lap Of Honour is a beautiful lilac color which applies gently to your nails and dries unders 60 seconds! Over all this is a beautiful nail paint!

  • Pit stop speedy nail polish

    From: Lucy
    Shade: Pit Stop

    I got this nail polish in pit stop, a gorgeous plae grey, dried super quick and has a lovely satin finish. I have had loads of complements on the colour, I love this nail polish.

  • Love it

    From: Roxy
    Shade: Eat My Dust

    Being someone who is very impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to I always end up trying to do something with my hand too soon and smudging them...I absolutely love this nail polish! Speedy quick dry indeed, I am very impressed. After using this I don't why anybody would wait so long for their nails to dry again! Flat brush makes it so easy to apply but you do have to be quick before it starts drying. Colour was a lovely powder blue eat my dust and also bought kiss me quick pink both lovely. Will definitely buy again and recommend :)

  • Love this but..

    From: Emily
    Shade: On Your Marks

    Love this polish and actually have a few colours, the yellow shade being my favourite, however I do find that - unlike other brands - I get a lot of little bubbles under my mani. Have to be very careful applying this!

  • This one's a must have!

    From: Tabby Casto
    Shade: Supersonic

    I saw this nail polish recently on a lunch break before heading to a job to paint "space inspired" nails on guests at a pr event. I thought it might add a little something to the job and honestly the photos on here don't do it justice! It's so gorgeous and multi coloured! Theres this slight blue-purple sheen and little tiny tiny sparkles. It's without sounding too corny "out of this world" blue. Definitely get this if your bored of the same colours and want to spice things up!

  • Lovely colour, slightly streaky on application, but love it

    From: Zoë
    Shade: Freestyle

    A really nice, dusky pink polish that's great for the price. It does chip more easily than the Gelly ones from Barry M but I'm happy to sacrifice that as it dries really quickly, a great bonus for me as I'm sooooooo impatient with waiting for my nails to dry. It's a really sutble colour, and a great pastel-y colour for spring/summer too, however as it's a paler colour, it's quite streaky on application but another coat or two can solve that. It also has quite a flat brush, making application easier. Can't wait to get more from this collection and I love the names of them all too (next on my list is Need For Speed).

  • Surprised!

    From: Hayley

    Thought quick dry, yeah yeah.... Wow. Slip Steam one coat applied flawlessly thanks to the wide brush. Precise and I was shocked that it dried within 2-3 mins leaving a gel shine finish. Definitely investing in more colours! Barry M you need to update all polishes with these brushes, such a professional finish. I'm made up x

  • Lovely colour, does what it says

    From: Marie
    Shade: Freestyle

    Really quick to dry, a great brush shape (a lot flatter than some others - makes application sooooooo much easier!!!!), and a lovely colour, however these Speedy ones aren't as pigmented as Barry M's gelly ones but does still have a good colour pay-off, just a teeny teeny bit darker than the colour in the bottle. Love it.


    From: jj
    Shade: Speed Demon


  • Great paint, tricky brush

    From: Lo
    Shade: Sprint Finish

    This was my first experience of Barry M nail polish after having it recommended by a professional beautician (who chose this shade to match a lipstick from a premium brand). I used it with base and top coats and have to say I love it and it is seriously good, my only issue is the flat brush seems like a good idea but it hinders rather than helps and made it by far the worst applicator I have ever used. Please change the brush and you have a product that slays all other nail polishes, regardless of their price tag. The very best bit is you are cruelty-free. Respect to you Barry M X


    From: Jen

    THIS NAIL POLISH IS AMAZING! Hands down the best I've ever used. It's so pigmented, all you need is two coats and the colour is perfect... dries within about a minute depending how thick you've done the coat but it's PERFECT for doing the late night or early morning "I need to paint my nails" panic- they're all done and dry within 5 minutes max! Amazing!

  • Disappointed

    From: Kirsty
    Shade: Speed Demon

    Patchy, goopy and lumpy, took forever to dry. Really disappointed since I love all my other Barry M nail varnishes - perhaps I just got a bad one.

  • Mums in the Run

    From: Cari
    Shade: Sprint Finish

    This product is PERFECT if you're a mum! Little one just gone to bed? Want to paint your nails? Know that there's a good chance they'll wake before the first costs finished, let alone dry? GET THIS! Great product, does what it says on the tin! You need a couple of coats to strengthen the colour but it dries so fast it doesn't matter! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Amazing

    From: Amy
    Shade: Sprint Finish

    This dried so quickly! Please make more speedy colours. I'd love a pale grey and a dark blue one!

  • Amazing product!

    From: hannah
    Shade: Eat My Dust

    I love BarryM nail polishes & they never fail to disappoint - this one in particular is super nice. It's a really nice colour and, like it says on the bottle, dries super quickly! Only (sort of) bad thing is that it applies in a very thin layer but it does it evenly so I can't really complain :)

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