Barry M is dedicated to offering a 100% cruelty-free range of products. 

Currently, ALL Barry M products are vegetarian and 97% are vegan (the 3% that aren't quite there, used ingredients such as Beeswax). 

Our Nail Category is 100% Vegan already.

Our Face category has one product (2 shades) that are not Vegan yet.

In Eyes, there are 7 - mainly mascaras that have been reformulated and will be in soon.  

In Lips - there are 10 products  - some will reformulate, others discontinue

The commitment we made recently was to reformulate the remaining products and make sure we did not order any non Vegan formulations from now on. So, any product coming in to our warehouse will be Vegan - we just have to get through older product that may have a non Vegan ingredient - and we will continue to update you when a product is now Vegan on the site. 

If you want to only shop Vegan Products, you can click here:

We are also working with the Vegan Society (a registered educational charity that provides information and guidance on various aspects of veganism, founded in 1944), and we aim to be 100% Vegan by early 2020. 

(Updated November 1st 2019)