Barry M x LoveRaw


Happy New Year and welcome to Veganuary – our favourite month of the year. As a 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan brand, we always celebrate in full force, and this year will be no different.


Barry M are thrilled to be partnering with LoveRaw this Veganuary. Although vegan beauty is our thing, being vegan is a lifestyle, and involves all kinds of food swaps and changes to make it work for you! From beauty to food, we’ll be guiding you through January with lots of budget friendly inspiration to make the long month ahead that tiny bit easier.

LoveRaw have been making plant-based chocolate taste like real chocolate since 2013! Rimi and Manav (founders of the brand) have stayed independent, sold millions of products, and kept value at their core along their journey to success. Nothing gets in their way of delivering the best tasty vegan treats, on a budget!


We’ve partnered with LoveRaw to bring you these EXCLUSIVE quick and easy recipes (down below) to swap your non-vegan snacks to vegan ones!

Can you guess which Barry M products these recipes are inspired by?

Chocolate Covered Plums


LoveRaw Smooth M:lk Choc bars
Punnet of Plums
Crushed Pistachios
Sprinkle of Sea Salt 


    1. Slice plums into snack size pieces
    2. Melt your  LoveRaw Smooth M:lk Choc bars in the microwave for a few seconds, making sure not to burn. Top up your lippy with the That’s Swell! XXL Fruity Extreme Lip Plumper in Plum whilst you wait.
    3. Dip into the melted chocolate
    4. Sprinkle some crushed pistachios and sea salt onto the top
    5. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes to let the chocolate set and enjoy for the ultimate work snack!


    French Toast Roll-Ups


    LoveRaw M:lk Choc Cre&m Wafer
    Slices of bread
    Plant-based milk
    Cinnamon Powder
    Vegan Butter or spray (for frying)
    Icing Sugar for dusting
    Fruit for topping e.g. we like strawberries!


      1. Cut slices off your chosen bread and flatten with a rolling pin
      2. Place your LoveRaw M:lk Choc Cre&m Wafer onto the bread and roll up tightly
      3. Dip these rolls into a bowl of plant-based milk and cinnamon mixture
      4. Fry each roll in some vegan butter until crispy OR cook in the the airfryer
      5. Serve with a dusting of icing sugar and fruit of choice, enjoy!


      Black Forest Gateau Treat Pot


      LoveRaw Nutty Choc Balls
      LoveRaw Smooth M:lk Choc bars
      Crumbled Chocolate Muffin
      50ml Vegan Cream
      1 tbsp sweetener of choice


        1. Combine vegan cream and sweetener until thick.
        2. Crumble chocolate cake and melt some LoveRaw Smooth M:lk Choc bars in the microwave until melted.
        3. In multiple layers, add the crumbled cake, melted chocolate, chopped cherries, chopped LoveRaw Nutty Choc Balls and cream into a jar.
        4. Top with a halved LoveRaw Nutty Choc Ball and leftover melted choc and cherries, serve straight away or keep in the jar for later!


        Tiramisu Overnight Oats


        LoveRaw Smooth M:lk Choc Bar
        LoveRaw Salted Caramel Cre&m Wafer
        40g Oats
        Vanilla plant-based yoghurt
        90ml plant-based milk
        ½ tbs sweetener of choice
        Shot of espresso


          1. In a bowl, mix the oats, melted LoveRaw Smooth M:lk Choc bar, espresso, sweetener and plant-based milk until combined well.
          2. Layer this mixture in a jar with pieces of LoveRaw Salted Caramel Cre&m Wafer and the vanilla yoghurt until all mixture is used up (end with yoghurt on top layer)
          3. Leave in the fridge to set for a few hours or overnight
          4. Top with cocoa powder and any leftover wafers, enjoy!


          Are you going to try recreating these recipes at home? We’ll be making all of them over on our Instagram! Tag @barrymcosmetics and @loveraw in your posts! 😊