We’re feeling a heatwave coming... Our NEW That’s Swell! XXXL is here! Even hotter, even spicier, and even more plumping than our original That’s Swell!, this extra hot Lip Plumper gives maximum plumping effect using natural ingredients! Stay tuned to find out all you need to know!

How does it work?!

Like our regular That’s Swell! XXL, our new That’s Swell! XXXL is infused with Ginger and Sichuan Pepper extract but with added Capsicum and Peptides for extra plumping effect! These ingredients work together to boost blood circulation and stimulate natural collagen providing a tingling sensation and temporary plumped effect! There are no harmful chemicals in any of our products, the only question is… can you handle the heat?


How long does the plump last?

Our That’s Swell! XXXL Lip Plumper contains Peptides which stimulate collagen production and boost hydration. If used consistently over time, you'll see long-lasting plumping results! Check out this before and after pic!


Can you handle the heat?

Beware, this product is coming in HOT! Our That’s Swell! XXXL Lip Plumper is packed with heat to provide the ultimate plump! Once applied, you’ll feel a tingling sensation which should last around 10-20 minutes! As blood flow increases, your lips will turn red and the plump will follow shortly!

If the heat gets too much you can neutralise it with olive/vegetable oil or vinegar.


Where can I get my hands on it?!

If you’re looking to spice up your makeup bag our That’s Swell! XXXL is available exclusively at and Superdrug!