It's Earth Day, Lets Go Green

At Barry M, we’re conscious about caring for our planet, and we’re on a journey to become even greener. We’re proud to have received international accreditation for our Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO22716: 2007), and we’re working hard to reduce our impact on the world, reduce waste, recycle, limit our energy usage and conserve the planet’s resources.

For Earth Day this year, we are thinking of things we can do to appreciate the world around us by going greener

10 Earth-friendly changes you can easily make:

 Start a compost bin

Use a recyclable water bottle

Have a no tv day 

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Remember your recyclable shopping bags

Buy food from local sources

Bring lunch to work/school in a reusable container

Switch computers off when not in use

Try to do things digitally so there's no paper waste

Be aware of your consumption and waste

...and if you have any old Barry M palettes lying around - recycle them!