Get your Gua Sha out...

Always wanted to know how to use a Gua Sha? Us too…
We did our research and found out all the best tips and tricks to Gua Sha correctly and beneficially, so that you don’t have to! Aren’t we kind 😉
Using the longest side edge of the ‘love heart’ shaped tool, starting at the collar bone, swipe the tool up towards the jawline, apply slight pressure at the top whilst simultaneously using small wiggling motions with the tool. Release and repeat again. Do this on the left, right, and centre of the neck.
Hold the Gua Sha on it’s side, with the longer edge going underneath the jaw, and the shorter edge resting underneath your cheekbone. Start at the chin and sweep the tool up to the ear, where you repeat the same wiggle motion as before. Release and repeat. Make sure you’re consistent between both sides of the face.
Using the flat side of the Gua Sha, gently sweep from the inner corner of your eye to the hairline, wiggle, release, and repeat. The skin around your eyes requires gentle care, don’t pull too much or press too hard.
Placing the longer edge of the Gua Sha underneath the eyebrow, and the shorter edge above the eyebrow, apply gentle pressure and sweep to the hairline, following the natural shape of your eyebrow. Wiggle with pressure and release, this will feel lovely on your temples! Repeat.
Horizontally, and with the longest part of the Gua Sha, sweep upwards to the hairline, wiggle and repeat. All whilst holding the eyebrow firmly to ensure full forehead exposure to the tool.
Gua Sha’s are well-known for promoting blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, improving fine lines and wrinkles and relieving tension from muscles. It’s the perfect tool to add into your morning or night time skin care routine for the ultimate spa-like, relaxing experience. Self-care to the MAX or what?! We love it.
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