Jesy Nelson Appreciation Post

Little Mix have always been an absolute fave since the X Factor days, but the main girl we’re all talking about at the moment is of course Jesy Nelson.

Jesy’s new documentary had us all tearing up this month so we want to dedicate this post to the girl herself for being the bravest #QUEEN around.

Our girl Jesy showed the UK the power of social media after she was trolled through out X Factor in 2011. We want our #BMBABES to stand with Jesy and us in stopping online trolls. We thought we’d give you a few tips on how we can all help <3

(Image: Little Mix for You Magazine)

1. We all need our BFF’s

Surrounding yourself with your besties and family is the best way to feeling happy. Don’t be locking yourself away. Even chillaxing with your pets can really help a girl out when she’s feeling down.

(Image: IG @agathesorle)


2. Get Signing

Now this is the serious part. A petition has been put out to stop online trolls easily making new social media accounts. Together we can take down the trolls, so we’re calling all our #BMBABES to GET SIGNING!

   3. Get chillaxin’ and relaxin’
We all need some time out. Grab a cup of tea and a choccy biscuit and put on your fave Netflix show, we all need some me-time once in a while! An insta break can also do wonders, so take some time to be in the real world.


   4. You’re AMAZING
We know for a fact allof our #BMBABES are top huns. The Barry M family is with you so love yourself and your body! No one is you, and that is your power!