Our Self Care Top Tips

With the end of lockdown nearing it’s safe to say that getting back to normal life can feel a little overwhelming. During these difficult times, not only have we faced a world pandemic, but we’ve learnt to adapt to new ways of living, learning AND socialising! We’re super excited for life to resume but in the meantime its important to be upping your self-care and giving yourself the much deserved, pamper you need! We’ve put together a few of our top tips on how to take some extra time for yourself whilst we ease back into normality!
Get up and go!
Whether it’s a walk around the block, a home work out or simply taking a step outside for some fresh air is proven to improve your mood, focus and reduce stress! Connecting with nature and exposure to natural light is also found to have a really positive effect on mindset and mood, what’s not to love?!
Pick up that journal!
Keeping a journal is a great way to offload your problems and manage stress (which is often unavoidable). Breaking down your worries can help you from burying your head in the sand and often can allow you to see things from a new perspective! Journaling daily is also a great way to track your mood too!
Sleep, eat, repeat!
Sleep is super important for both our physical and mental health, so making sure you getting those 7-9 hours in each night! If you have troubles sleeping, apps like ‘Calm’ are a great help! Eating well also plays a big part in our mental and physical help. Try adding in some extra nutrient rich foods for both energy and mood boosts!
You time.
Finally, taking some time for yourself is a must! Step back and think about the things you enjoy; whether that’s reading a book, painting, sewing or baking, make sure you leave time to enjoy your hobbies too!