Our Top Tips for Staying Positive

Self Care
It might sound funny, but taking some time every week to really relax and look after yourself can really work wonders for your mental health. Spend an evening having a nice hot bubble bath, do a face mask, paint your nails and watch your fave Netflix show or read a book to ensure you're giving yourself enough time to unwind. Don't forget to turn off your phone an hour before bed for a better night's sleep - this will give your mind a chance to relax and limit your exposure to blue light emitted from phones which contributes to poor sleep.

Talk More
We all know, more often than not we tend to keep our emotions bottled up. Instead of keeping everything to yourself, try talking to those closest to you, whether it's your best friend, your mum or your sibling, everyone deserves to be heard. And we can guarantee, you will feel 100 times better after talking about it - a problem shared is a problem halved!

Fresh Air

It's crazy how overlooked spending a simple 30 minutes taking a walk outside and the wonders it can do for your mental health. It's literally been proven that being in the fresh air, with the smell of flowers and plants can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Instead of sitting at your desk at lunch, how about you take a short walk to your nearest park and spend some time thinking and enjoying nature. We promise it'll do you some good and help focus on those positive thoughts.

Work Out
I think it's fair to say, when you're not feeling your best, exercising is probably the last thing you want to do, I'm sure we would all prefer to stay in bed and finish off that entire chocolate bar. However, sometimes you just need to push yourself to stay active. With that rush of endorphins you get during and after working out, it's a definite that you'll be feeling better. Go for a jog, hit the gym or do some yoga, whatever it is it's bound to make you feel better.

Food Is Fuel
Some of us are comfort eaters, and some of us skip meals when we're stressed but the most important thing to remember when trying to stay positive, is FOOD IS FUEL. The way you eat can have both a positive and negative impact on how we feel, so as well as enjoying some chocolate or a doughnut, we need to make sure we're eating enough fruit and veg to keep our bodies and minds happy.

Whether you're happy or sad, music is always the answer. A good song can speak to you in ways no one else can. When you're feeling a bit sad, try sticking on your fave album or artist to brighten your mood. When the weathers rubbish and we're feeling a bit low in the office here at Barry M HQ, we love to put on some Beyonce to get us feelin' ourselves like the queen herself.

Meditation is Key
Our final tip for all our babes reading, is to meditate. Now, before you roll your eyes, seriously give it a go. Even if you spend just 5 minutes at the end of the day to meditate, you will definitely feel the benefits. Simply search "meditation music" on YouTube and leave it playing in the background. Shut your eyes and just think, no distractions and definitely no Instagram scrolling! It's not easy but it'll get easier over time.