The One Where They Bring Out Skincare

We’re so excited to announce that Barry M’s Fresh Face Skin is finally here!
With every product costing just £8.99 (we’re not joking), it’s no wonder that Barry M’s first skincare range was so highly anticipated… A London-based, family-owned brand bringing Vegan, Cruelty Free, and affordable skincare to the beauty market in 2023? Now that’s something to talk about! 😉
From stunning mint-green packaging to innovative ingredients, Fresh Face Skin is bound to make an impact across all ages. The three-step routine of Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser is simple, effective and a sure-fire way of achieving glowing skin in no time.
Sound daunting? We promise it’s not! It’s a makeup melting balm-to-oil cleanser that’s formulated with Chia Seed Oil (extremely moisturising) and Squalene (extremely smoothing) for super soft and nourished skin! Apply it to your face and massage the makeup off, rinse your face with water and look at how clean your skin is! Magic.
We want pure skin! This spray, formulated with Lactic Acid to gently unclog pores and PHA to reduce the appearance of an uneven skin tone, is the perfect second step in your evening skin care routine. Spray directly onto your face (just like you would with setting spray) after cleansing. Or, if that’s not your vibe and you want more control with where it goes, simply spray the toner onto a reusable cotton pad (make it damp) and wipe gently all over your face and neck area.
Don’t forget moisturiser! The crucial third step to anyone’s skin care routine: our Hydrating Moisturiser is designed to be refreshing and hydrating, and so includes Cucumber and Green Tea Leaf Extracts for just this purpose. Lastly, we’ve got Shea Butter in there too for ultra-soft skin – what more could you want? Apply it morning and night to your face and neck area for ultimate long-lasting hydration.
So, there you have it, the perfect budget-friendly skincare to prep your face for your Fresh Face Makeup routine! You’re welcome…
Who’s tempted? DM us @barrymcosmetics on Instagram to let us know what you think! <3