Veganuary Swaps

Veganuary may be almost over, but who said going vegan is just for January?
Whether that's changing your shampoo to a vegan version, swapping your skincare or switching up those snacks, even making a few small every day changes is a great way to help both animals and the environment!
 Stay tuned for our must-try swaps!
When we’re talking about going vegan, your first thought is food, right? Although food plays a massive part in being vegan, did you know lots of your daily essentials might not be vegan too? Our first swap is shampoo! We’re loving this one from vegan and cruelty free brand Noughty! P.S. It’s 97% natural too!
Next up is your skincare routine! It may not have been your first thought, but swapping out your skincare routine is a great step in the right direction! B. by Superdrug caters for all skin types, and is 100% vegan and cruelty free!
Did you know, is now 100% VEGAN!
We’ve always been cruelty free, but now we’ve made the extra step of ensuring all of our products are vegan too! Our new Fresh Face Foundations are a great start for building up your vegan makeup collection.
Available in 20 adaptable shades, pair with our Fresh Face Illuminating Primer and Fresh Face Cheek & Lip Tints for the perfect dewy complexion!
Now onto the snacks! If you’re a savoury kinda gal, then these are for you! These Eat Real hummus and lentil chips are a perfect replacement for your favourite crisps - they’re gluten free too!
P.S. the sour cream and chive ones taste just like Quavers!
What’s a cup of tea without a biscuit? Funnily enough, many of the biscuits you find in the supermarket are vegan! Oreos, McVities Shortcake and Pink Wafers are just a few treats that are vegan.
If you can’t live without chocolate then no fear, Galaxy is here. With a smooth and creamy taste, these Crumbled Cookie and Smooth Mint flavours are a perfect vegan alternative to your fave. Most dark chocolate is vegan too!