Your Hallow-IN Movie Night

We might not be celebrating Halloween exactly as planned this year, but you simply can’t go wrong with a spooky evening in, watching your fave scary movie!
Get the snacks ready, your cosy gear on and add some decorations for the perfect hallow-in movie night!
Hocus Pocus
You can’t beat a Disney classic at Halloween. If you’re looking to get in the spooky season spirit but fancy an easy watch (that won’t have you terrified for the rest of the year!) then Hocus Pocus is the film for you.
When 3 witches are accidently summoned back from the past on Halloween night, it’s the task of 3 teens to find a way to steal the witches magic book and stop them becoming immortal!
The Addams Family
The ultimate Halloween icons! The Addams Family is a must-watch for your spooky movie night. Think long black plaits and an over powdered face, Wednesday Addams is our Halloween inspo this year. Bring in the popcorn and get your pumpkins lit for the ultimate creepy night in!
The Blair Witch Project
Who’s here for real horror films?! Dim the lights and set the mood for a film that will have you jumping out your seat. Filmed through the lens of a video camera, this chilling classic will be sure to have you avoiding any dark woods this winter, as 3 students lose their way in the darkened wilderness!
What’s more terrifying than clowns?! This creepy films sees evil clown Pennywise return from the sewers to haunt seven children. Their task is to defeat the clown after it stole the brother of one of the children. You won’t be looking at a circus the same after watching this horror!
The Nightmare Before Christmas
We’ve kept the best till last. This Halloween cult-classic has to be one of our faves! As Halloweentown’s pumpkin king discovers Christmastown’s warm and bright spirits, he plots to steal Christmas by kidnapping Santa. This dark, musical fantasy needs to be on your movie night watch-list.